Out on 30 May 2019

On Wings of Eagles

Ken Follett

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30 May 2019
640 pages

On Wings of Eagles is the thrilling novel based on the incredible real-life rescue of two Americans by a Green Beret colonel and a group of corporate executives from revolutionary Iran, from number one bestseller Ken Follett.

A Terrifying Prison
As Iran descends into revolution two Americans get caught up in the upheaval. Captured, they are held in a heavily fortified prison fortress. Their situation is desperate, with the US government refusing to get them out.

A Daring Rescue
Hope is, however, not completely lost as their boss, Ross Perot, the millionaire head of EDS, takes it upon himself to organise a rescue attempt. He enlists the aid of a Green Beret, Colonel ‘Bull’ Simons, famed World War II and Vietnam commando, to train his executives for the operation and the fight to come.

A Dangerous Escape
In this gripping account of an incredible real-life rescue, breaking the prisoners out is only the beginning. They must then make a treacherous overland escape to the safety of the Turkish border, even as they are hunted by an enemy who is closing in . . .

A superb edge-of-the seat true story

USA Today

A gripping thriller


Impressive suspense and excitement

Publishers Weekly