Out on 30 May 2019

Paper Money

Ken Follett

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30 May 2019
304 pages

Paper Money is a gripping novel of high-finance and underworld villainy from bestselling author Ken Follett. Will reporters uncover the web of criminality at the heart of two seemingly unconnected crimes?

Two Daring Crimes
On a seemingly ordinary day in London two audacious crimes come to light; gangster Tony Cox plans a heist worth millions, and the unscrupulous tycoon Felix Laski blackmails a government minister in order to make a fortune.

One Shocking Conspiracy
But there is more than meets the eye in these two seemingly unconnected crimes and as the conspiracy causes high and low society to collide over the course of a single day, fortunes will be destroyed, reputations shattered, and principles shredded.

A Dangerous Truth
But it is only when the blackmailed politician decides to take matters into his own hands and set a pair of fearless reporters on the trail of the story that the criminal web at the heart of the conspiracy is uncovered. Will the truth be too dangerous to print?

Master storyteller

The Times

Follett is a master of crafty plot and incredible detail