A Poisoned Mind

Natasha Cooper

19 May 2016
308 pages


Why would anyone risk his life blowing up tanks of toxic chemicals?

This is the question barrister Trish Maguire must answer in her ninth investigation. When the explosion rips through quiet fields in the north of England, it destroys much more than the innocent life of the man who farmed them. In her grief his widow, Angie, turns on the company responsible. Trish finds herself in turmoil when she is called on to defend not the ruined and heartbroken Angie, but the multinational company that owned the tanks.

At the same time, she faces other explosions at home. Her adopted son, David, has a new school friend in the damaged and volatile Jay. When Jay's mother is found brutally beaten, Trish becomes embroiled in two huge battles - one for everything she has worked for, and one for everything she believes is right.

A welcome addition to a series that grows more impressive with each book
This series has been constantly entertaining . . . This story is one of the best
A smart, complex entertainment that rewards the reader on every page