A Place of Safety

Natasha Cooper

19 May 2016
286 pages


How can a ravishing art collection be built on so much blood and pain?

In the fifth novel in the series, London barrister Trish Maguire brings her forensic intelligence to bear on the dark secrets behind the paintings in the collection. Hidden away end of the First World War, they are now curated by an expert with scandal in his past and all too many threats to face in the present.

Taking a crash course in the dark mysteries of the art world, Trish must also help her young half-brother come to terms with his mother's violent death. Having learned about the agonizing reality of life in the trenches, lightened only by an engrossing love story, she uncovers a web of deceit that has spanned the decades since 1918. Now the innocent, the violent, and the victims all have to free themselves. And not everyone can escape with their life.

Natasha Cooper brings a keen emotional intelligence to bear on the dark side of contemporary life. Trish Maguire is a heroine for the new millennium - competent, tenacious and adamant in her pursuit of the justice that sometimes eludes the law
Inspiringly original
Cooper is one of the most reliable practitioners of the genre at work today, and this is splendid stuff