Gagged & Bound

Natasha Cooper

19 May 2016
324 pages


Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me . . .

In the seventh Trish Maguire novel London is awash with secret information and vicious rumour. A politician fights for his reputation. Gangs of organized criminals poison the streets with their lesson that greed and violence always pay. Some of those who hunt them bend the rules; others take their money. A whistleblower goes in fear of her life.

Trish and her close friend, DI Caro Lyalt of the Met, will have to disentangle fact from fiction if they are to protect the innocent and pin down the guilty. But their actions bring danger horrifyingly close to home . . .

Natasha Cooper is a devious plotter
An enjoyable and satisfying mystery
Strong characterisation and sense of place put Cooper among the best in current crime writing