Bloody Roses

Natasha Cooper

22 November 2012
314 pages


Willow is sure Richard Crescent couldn’t commit murder. The police, finding him drenched in his colleague’s blood in the locked Corporate Finance department, are sure he did.

Rushing back from a Tuscan idyll with Chief Inspector Tom Worth to help her friend, Willow uses all her romantic novelist’s imagination, her own experience as a high-powered woman in a man’s world, and her understanding of an uneasy double life, to put herself in the other woman’s shoes and learn why Sarah Allfarthing had to die.

And as well as the high-tension world of merchant banking, conflict with Tom, and personal danger, Willow has to face the terrible possibility that the police could be right . . .

‘This sparkling whodunnit effectively blends mystery, sophistication and a dash of romantic melodrama’ Publishers Weekly

‘Well plotted – and immense fun to read’ The Times (Poison Flowers)