Out of the Dark

Natasha Cooper

19 May 2016
282 pages


How could anyone refuse to help an eight-year-old boy running for his life?

In the fourth Trish Maguire novel, her whole world is changed when the boy is knocked over by a skidding car outside her London flat.

Fighting to save his life, the casualty team find Trish's name and address sewn into his clothes. He looks so like her that the police are convinced he's her son. Only she knows he can't be. So who has sent him? And why?

Her desperate search for his identity takes Trish to a brutal inner-city housing estate, where she picks up the trail of a violent murder. It is not long before she discovers that the chief suspect is her father . . .

Convincing and hard-hitting
Trish is an engaging character, warm, human, and well-drawn
Warmth, sincerity and good characterisation. Raises it above others in the genre