Released on 19 July 2013.

#4 in series
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Bitter Herbs

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Passions run high in the world of publishing, but they rarely lead to murder – or do they?

Gloria Grainger, wealthy bestselling novelist, is found dead in her room one morning. Everyone assumes she died of natural causes – except for Willow King.

Despite Chief Inspector Tom Worth’s mockery of her suspicions Willow is determined to uncover the sinister truth. She finds herself investigating a particularly nasty murder case, in which there seems no limit to the amount of emotional damage people can inflict upon each other.

Then Willow herself becomes a target for the same murderous hatred that surrounded Gloria . . .

‘This sparkling whodunnit effectively blends mystery, sophistication, and a dash of romantic melodrama’ Publishers Weekly (Bloody Roses)

‘Well plotted – and immense fun to read’ The Times (Poison Flowers)