Bumper Blobheads

Paul Stewart

Chris Riddell

Ages 5 to 7
21 February 2019
256 pages


Are there Blobheads in your toilet? From the pair behind Muddle Earth and The Edge Chronicles, Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell, Bumper Blobheads collects four fully-illustrated, completely bonkers Blobhead adventures in one big book!

Billy Barnes has found Blobheads in his bathroom. The Blobheads – Kerek, Zerek and Derek – are weird purple aliens from the planet Blob, arriving in Billy's toilet through an alpha-gamma space-time wormhole. And they're on a very, very important mission. They're trying to find the Most High Emperor of the Universe. And they think they'll find them in Billy's bathroom . . .

Celebrating twenty years of the series, Bumper Blobheads includes Invasion of the Blobs, Talking Toasters, School Stinks! and Beware of the Babysitter.