Muddle Earth Too

Paul Stewart

Illustrated by Chris Riddell

Ages 9 to 11
14 June 2012
464 pages


It's time to return to Muddle Earth. Get prepared for an epic battle between the forces of good, evil and everything in between in Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell's Muddle Earth Too, a hilarious adventure from the authors of the Edge Chronicles.

Once upon a time, a spell went wrong and ordinary Joe Jefferson found himself transported to Muddle Earth, where the wizards are mad, the pink stinky hogs are stinky and the lampposts have serious attitude!

Now, two years later, Muddle Earth is in danger – and it needs him back. But can Joe find the lost Goblet of Porridge? And will he be able to rescue his sister from a thumb-sucking vampire Barbarian? He'd better hurry up, before a dragon battle breaks out and toasts them all!

With amazing illustrations throughout, Muddle Earth Too is the tongue-in-cheek sequel to Muddle Earth.