Muddle Earth

Paul Stewart

Chris Riddell

Ages 9 to 11
04 March 2011
464 pages


Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell's Muddle Earth is a hilarious, tongue-in-cheek fantasy adventure, full of unforgettable characters and with beautiful illustrations throughout. From the authors of the Edge Chronicles.

As the third moon rises over Muddle Earth's Perfumed Bog, the twinkling lights are lit on a small houseboat, home to a wizard, Randalf, and his familiar, a very sarcastic budgie called Veronica. Randalf is in trouble – he's stony broke. He's just spent his last silver pipsqueak. There's only one way for a wizard to make cash on Muddle Earth – and that's by doing some magic.

There's just one problem: Randalf has lost his spell book. He's just got a fragment of paper with half a spell on it – telling him how to summon a Great Warrior Hero. The last one, Quentin the Cake-Baker, wasn't a great success. But this time, it's going to be different.

This time, Joe Jefferson, an ordinary schoolboy from ordinary earth, and his dog Henry, are about to find their lives changed forever. Welcome to a world of ogres and goblins, flying cupboards, batbirds and pink stinky hogs . . .

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