Scavenger: Mind Warp

Paul Stewart

Chris Riddell

Ages 9 to 11
14 July 2016
256 pages


The final book in this exciting series, Scavenger: Mind Warp is a gripping futuristic adventure from the award-winning Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell. For ages nine and up.

My name is York. I'm a scavenger. I'm fourteen years old . . . I am on a mission to save mankind.

The Zoids have taken over the Biosphere. York has only one hope: to journey back into the central computer's memory banks and, finally, uncover the glitch that first unleashed this threat upon humanity. In danger of losing himself in this warped world, York must battle his own mind to find the answers he needs.

With the fate of mankind in his hands, is York strong enough to hold on to himself?

Scavenger: Mind Warp is the stunning conclusion to the Scavenger series. Start the adventure with Scavenger: Zoid.