Death and Shadows

Paula Gosling

14 December 2017
304 pages


A murdered nurse, disappearing drug supplies, diminishing funds and the sudden death of two apparently healthy patients are just some of the problems confronting Blackwater Bay’s leading private clinic.

Laura Brandon, recently arrived physiotherapist and self-appointed sleuth, realises that a lot of people have something to hide. Confronted by tight-lipped colleagues, inter-staff feuds, and strange tales about a shadowy evil that lurks in the woods, Laura begins to believe the theory of a psychotic killer on the loose. Then another, eerily similar, murder occurs and she knows the solution cannot be impersonal.

Fast-paced, entertaining and expertly plotted, Paul Gosling’s latest tale from the Great Lakes brilliantly confirms her mastery in the art of the murder mystery.

Super, swift-sure characterisation, pace, high local colour: Paul Gosling has all the Gifts