Paula Gosling

26 July 2018
304 pages


A person who would kill a cop respects no-one.
A person who would kill a cop would kill anyone.

Four cops, from four precincts, all shot dead. A chaotic wave is erupting through the American police force in Paula Gosling’s second Jack Stryker novel, Backlash.

When a federal investigator appears on the killer’s hit list, the simple answers seem to be disappearing way too fast and time is running out. Are these homicides linked? Or is the killer choosing victims at random? Can the police department computer make any connections that stick?

Detective Lieutenant Jack Stryker is on the case with his partner Agent Dana Marchant, and together they must track a marksman with an uncanny criminal brain and a ruthlessly persistent purpose.

Spirited, fast-moving and amusing
Capital action thriller
Fine flashes of humour