Death Penalties

Paula Gosling

26 July 2018
304 pages


After her husband’s tragic death Tess Leland has finally started to piece her life back together – but someone is determined to take it apart again . . .

Whilst looking after her ill son Max and trying to re-kick start her career as an interior designer, sinister occurrences are starting to make Tess frightened for their lives. A break in, a burglary, threatening phone calls from unknown sources and vicious practical jokes all form a terrorising campaign with an anonymous culprit – could this be the person responsible for her husband’s death?

It’s for Sergeant Tim Nightingale and his boss DCI Luke Abbott to find out in Paula Gosling’s taut, gripping and suspenseful mystery Death Penalties, the second novel in her Luke Abbott series.

Ingenious plotting . . . procedural detail to rival Ed McBain and a slam-bang solution
Excellently portrayed, with a good clutch of eccentric characters and suspects
Expert superabundance of shocks as each last thread is straightened to tensile limit. Super, swift-sure characterisation, pace, high local colour: Paula Gosling has all the gifts