The Body in Blackwater Bay

Paula Gosling

14 December 2017
304 pages


‘Words like hate and madness and kill were strangers here. After all, this wasn’t New York, or Paris or Rome, This was Paradise . . . '

It was the Great Lakes’ most exclusive residential hideaway, a tiny crime free haven. Until the morning a dead body is discovered littering someone’s perfectly manicured lawn – bringing murder to Paradise.
Detective Jack Stryker is recovering from a gunshot wound at his girlfriend’s island cottage. But he’s forced to abandon his vacation when he’s persuaded to join up with the local sheriff to investigate a murder and a tangle of sinister events on the island.

A succession of weird and sinister happenings - Gosling on form
Stryker remains a genuine, low-key pleasure and the islanders represent a beguiling cross-section of society