Monkey Puzzle

Paula Gosling

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26 July 2018
342 pages

Now, in the blank-faced and mazed city, death had become vicious and secret and cold. Somewhere out there, an ego was coiled, waiting.

Winner of a Golden Dagger award, Paula Gosling’s Monkey Puzzle introduces us to Detective Lieutenant Jack Stryker. An obsessive cop, an oddball, and (occasionally) a genius.

When Grantham University’s most unpopular professor is viciously murdered there are a myriad of potential suspects, and one of whom happens to be connected to Stryker’s past . . .

The murderous attacks continue. The city and the campus panic. Stryker is trapped in a maze of conflicting motives, emotions and clues. And at the center of the maze awaits – a monster.

Plotted with great guile, this is a scintillating entertainment

Sunday Times

Grips and amuses to the last sentence

The Times

A neat variation on old themes, nicely written and convincingly expounded

Financial Times