Paula Gosling

26 July 2018
304 pages


A loved professor is found shot dead in her home. Her student is murdered whilst he’s working at the hospital. And Jack Stryker’s partner Kate is being secretly harassed. Can he get to the bottom of this dark mystery in Paula Gosling’s third and final Jack Stryker novel?

Whilst the professor’s case looks like a domestic homicide and the student’s looks like a mugging gone wrong, nothing is really as it seems in this intense and puzzling thriller.

Stryker’s instincts seem to be leading him awry but could the two barbarous murders be interlinked? Jack Stryker follows a dangerous trail to find out in Ricochet.

Gosling's plotting flair and ability to shock are undiminished: the denouement is satisfyingly surprising
Expert superabundance of shocks as each last thread is straightened to tensile limit