Dry Bones That Dream

Peter Robinson

11 July 2019
368 pages


‘The Alan Banks mystery-suspense novels are the best series on the market. Try one and tell me I'm wrong’ – Stephen King

From the master of police procedural and bestselling author of Standing in the Shadows comes Dry Bones That Dream, book seven in Peter Robinson’s the Inspector Banks series.

A contract killing. A secret past. Banks is pushed to his limit.

2.47 a.m. Chief Inspector Alan Banks sees the body of Keith Rothwell for the first time. Only hours earlier two masked men had walked the mild-mannered accountant out of his farmhouse to the barn. They then clinically executed him with a shotgun.

Clearly this is a professional hit – but Keith was hardly the sort of person to make deadly enemies. Or was he? The police investigation soon raises more questions than answers.

The more Banks scratches the surface, the more he wonders what lies beneath the veneer of the apparently happy Rothwell family. And when his old sparring partner Detective Superintendent Richard Burgess arrives from Scotland Yard, the case takes yet another unexpected twist . . .

Now a major British ITV drama DCI Banks, this novel is followed by the eighth book in this Yorkshire-based crime series, Innocent Graves.

Robinson excels in the depiction of character . . . He is steadily ascending toward the pinnacles of crime fiction