Out on 05 December 2024
Book cover for Bellevue




05 December 2024
352 pages
Imprint: Macmillan


Forensic pathologists and doctors-turned-detectives do battle against epidemics, lethal illness and drug-related deaths, the causes of which are far from natural . . . You’ll find yourself completely hooked
Likeable heroes, a compelling medical mystery and growing suspense – the result is a highly entertaining read. Commercial fiction, at its best, is pure entertainment. But Cook, like Michael Crichton, offers readers a smart dissection of contemporary issues that affect us all
Praise for Manner of Death: Readers are in competent hands . . . As he has done in all of his novels, Cook once again rings a warning bell to raise awareness for a new area at risk for potential abuse
Robin Cook virtually invented the medical thriller in the 1970s with Coma