10 dates you wish you'd kept this Valentines Day

The roses have wilted, the chocolates have been eaten. We can all breath a sigh of relief as Valentine's is over for another year!

Whilst it might be lovely to be showered with love and affection for one day a year, we at Pan Macmillan wanted to know who your True Valentine is during the other 364 days of the year. Thanks to our loyal Facebook and Twitter followers for all your suggestions - here are our top 10! 

1. Nutella + a spoon

We loved Laura Martin's suggestion. Simple yet satisfying. probably enjoyed better when no one is watching...

2. Your Cat

This little ball of fluff from @jazz_shoesdance melted our hearts.

3. The iron

We're sure @madameweiss has spent many a hot and steamy evening with her true valentine...

4. Your fish

@buffythesage spent the day staring lovingly into a fish tank at her tropical fish Nieztche.

5. Your bed

We wholeheartedly agree with @jude82x on this one!

6. A good book

Is there better company than a good book? @welshlibrarian doesn't think so and neither do we!

7. This thing

@scintillatingsz's actual valentine came over all camera shy, so she looked lovingly into the eyes of this little chap instead...

8. Chocolate 

Caroline Ballinger's true valentine was homemade chocolate cake. But why stop there? We're crazy about chocolate in all its delicious forms.

9. Your dog

Loyal, loving, and adorable. @gw_78 has the perfect true valentine!

10. Your Phone

@pworboys can't bear to be without his phone, and neither can we! how on earth would we function?