An extract from The Stolen Hours by Karen Swan

Read an extract from The Stolen Hours, book two in The Wild Isle series from Sunday Times bestseller, Karen Swan.

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Mhairi has lost her heart – but not to her fiancé. In love with the wrong man, she awaits the Spring with growing dread, knowing that the calmer seas will mean becoming a stranger’s wife, leaving all she loves on St Kilda behind. Then word comes that the island is to be evacuated, giving Mhairi and her love until the end of summer, before all their lives will change forever…

Meticulously researched and beautifully told. A wonderfully satisfying read.
Santa Montefiore

The Last Summer

by Karen Swan

Book cover for The Last Summer

The first in the new Wild Isle series,The Last Summer tells the story of free-spirited Effie Gillies. Effie has lived all her life on the remote Scottish island of St Kilda, and when handsome Lord Sholto arrives on the island she shows him around. The attraction is instant, but when the islanders are evacuated three months later Effie is conflicted. When she is offered a job on Sholto's estate, the differences in their stations seem insurmountable. Meanwhile, a shocking discovery back on the island threatens dreams for a new start. Based on the true life story of St Kilda in the 1930s.

The Stolen Hours

by Karen Swan

Book cover for The Stolen Hours

In 1929, Mhairi MacKinnon seeks a husband to secure her future on the Scottish island of St Kilda. Through a plan with her neighbour, Donald, she becomes engaged but falls in love with another man. As St Kilda faces evacuation, Mhairi and her forbidden love enjoy a brief respite. However, their happiness is marred by tragedy and suspicion when a dead body is discovered on the abandoned island. Mhairi, along with her friends Effie and Flora, must confront their own hardships and the shadow of suspicion in this captivating tale of secrets and romance.