Over the Christmas holidays, when it’s cold and dark outside, there’s nothing more comforting than curling up with a good book. So, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate, put on your fluffiest socks and take one of these cosy books to your favourite reading nook.


The Christmas Party by Karen Swan

When Declan Lorne passes away he leaves his historic estate on the rugged Irish coast to his youngest daughter Willow, much to the dismay of her two older sisters – Willow has been estranged from her family for three years. When she announces her intentions to sell the estate, her sisters will stop at nothing to ruin the deal. At a lavish party held by the estate’s prospective new owner, the sisters’ secrets start to catch up with them and they’re forced to face their pasts and step into the future.

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Dear Mrs Bird by AJ Pearce

London, 1941. Emmy dreams of being a fearless Lady War Correspondent but instead finds herself working for the formidable agony aunt Henrietta Bird. Mrs Bird refuses to read any letters containing any form of Unpleasantness, and so those from the lovelorn, grief-stricken and morally conflicted go unanswered. Emmy can’t ignore these poor women desperate for help, and she begins to respond to their letters. What harm could possibly be done?

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Beauchamp Hall by Danielle Steel

Inspired by the hit TV show Downton Abbey, Beauchamp Hall is an uplifting story about an ordinary woman pursuing her dreams. Winona Farmington has always dreamed of a life outside of her small hometown, but for now she’s stuck in a dead-end job with a loser boyfriend. Her only escape is ‘Beauchamp Hall’, a popular British TV series set on a country estate. When her life starts to crumble around her, Winona decides to finally follow her heart and travel to England to visit the set of her favourite show. Nothing can prepare her for the extraordinary adventure she’s about to undertake.

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A Midwinter Promise by Lulu Taylor

From bestselling author Lulu Taylor, A Midwinter Promise is a dramatic story of love, loss and long-kept secrets told across two generations. In the past, we meet Julia, a young woman looking to leave her dark history in Cornwall behind and start a new life in London. As she finds love and falls pregnant, her life finally seems to be coming together, until the past comes back to haunt her, calling her home . . . In the present, Julia’s adult children return to their mother’s childhood home to learn more about their family history and uncover the secret of what really happened to her.

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One Snowy Night by Rita Bradshaw

It’s 1922 and the Depression is looming, but nothing can ruin Ruby Morgan’s happiness – she’s finally about to marry her childhood sweetheart. But an unimaginable betrayal leaves Ruby heartbroken and she runs away, leaving everything she knows behind. Vowing to move on from her painful past, Ruby is determined to make something of herself and, at long last, get her happy ending.

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The Girl Who Reads on the Métro by Christine Féret-Fleury

 This enchanting story of a young woman finding her purpose in life is guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face. Juliette takes the métro every day to her boring office job, and her only escape is in books. One day, she meets the mysterious Soliman, who believes that books have the power to change the course of a life. He offers Juliette a job, to match books to the people who need them most. Leaving her old life behind, Juliette is about to discover the true power a book can hold . . .

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The Butterfly Room by Lucinda Riley

A Sunday Times Number One Bestseller, The Butterfly Room by Lucinda Riley is a story of heart-breaking secrets and long-lost loves. Posy Montague has lived her entire life in her family’s beautiful country home, Admiral House. 

Now approaching her seventieth birthday, she knows she must make the painful decision to sell up. Then, a face appears from the past – Freddie, her very first love who broke her heart and disappeared years ago. Posy’s life is turned upside down as Freddie’s return awakens old memories and reveals devastating secrets . . .

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The Man Who Didn’t Call by Rosie Walsh

 This heart-wrenching love story comes with a shocking twist. Sarah and Eddie have just spent seven perfect days together, falling head over heels in love and talking about a future together that Sarah can’t wait to start. But then Eddie goes on holiday and never calls again. Sarah can’t believe that she’s been ghosted and refuses to move on – she is certain that something has happened to him. When Sarah finds out that there is a reason for Eddie’s silence, the truth is more painful than she could have ever imagined.

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