The Walking Dead books in order

For the perfect accompaniment to The Walking Dead, we take a look at the books based on the AMC's hit TV show.

If you're looking for more thrills from The Walking Dead, why not try the books written by series creator Robert Kirkman and thriller writer Jay Bonansinga, Here we've listed all the books in order so you can get even more of Rick and the gang - and those terrifying walkers.

Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

Rise of the Governor

by 6375

Fans of The Walking Dead will remember The Governor and his antics. His story arc was one of the more controversial stories in both TV show and the comic book series, and Rise of the Governor explores the origin story for this iconic character.

The Road to Woodbury

by 6375

While the first book in the series looks at the origins of The Governor, The Road to Woodbury goes deeper into his history to reveal his ruthless, inhuman conquest of the place many hoped to have called a sanctuary.

The Fall of the Governor Part One

by 6375

In The Fall of the Governor (Part One) characters from the comic book and TV series, including Rick, Michonne, and Glenn, make their entrance as the Governor’s descent into madness finally erupts in a tour de force of action and horror.

The Fall of the Governor Part Two

by 6375

In The Fall of the Governor (Part Two), the Governor's storyline reaches an epic climax as beloved characters from both the TV show and comics come together to have a final standoff.


by 6375

A vast stampede of walkers, driven by inexorable hunger and aimed directly at Woodbury, puts the survivors of the events from the previous books to the true test.

Will a new group joining their ranks be the salvation or the ultimate demise of Woodbury?


by 6375

Two opposing camps of ragtag survivors battle for domination in Invasion. As the two camps try to rebuild some form of civilization, the leaders have their sights set on one thing: revenge.

Search and Destroy

by 6375

A brutal new faction has attacked the settlement for survivors. Now the barricades are burning, while adults have been murdered and children kidnapped.

As a rescue mission gets underway, walkers are not the only thing our survivors must look out for . . . 

Return to Woodbury

by 6375

Through walker swarms, flooded rivers, bands of murderers and untold dangers, our survivors rally together to try and retake Woodbury; will they succeed?