Maeve Haran addresses whether sixty is the new forty in her blockbuster new book.

In the 1990s, author Maeve Haran's controversial novel Having It All sparked a million conversations about whether women really could juggle careers and children. Now, she's turned her attention to how the world treats women when they get older in new book The Time of Their Lives. Sal, Ella, Claudia and Laura – the stars of the book – firmly believe that sixty is the new forty, but here are their tips for helping spot you're old. Far too many sound familiar to us...

1. Forget what you went into a room to get?
Don't worry, it happens to us all.

2. Reading obituaries
Once upon a time you skipped over these. Now you read them with a sense of deep gratitude at still being alive.

3. Deciding the tunic is an acceptable fashion item
No more needs to be said.

4. Saying goodbye to modesty
Who needs a changing room? Just try it on here.
5.Going deaf
What was that you said?

6. Forgetting your mobile number
Especially in moments of stress.

7. Needing to pee
At least three times a night.

8. Loathing technology
Not all of us are silver surfers.

9. Talking about illness
Every conversation now starts with an organ recital.

10. Wearing popsox without shame

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