From biography and politics to true crime and self-help, you’ll find books to illuminate and inspire in our non-fiction range. Discover acclaimed writers like Oliver Sacks and David Olusoga, and explore contemporary bestsellers such as This is Going to Hurt and The Secret Barrister.

Discover our edit of the best non-fiction books of all time.

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  1. Book cover for The Macmillan Diaries

    The Macmillan Diaries

    Harold Macmillan

    Peter Catterall

  2. Book cover for Madam Secretary

    Madam Secretary

    Madeleine Albright

  3. Book cover for The Mighty and the Almighty

    The Mighty and the Almighty

    Madeleine Albright

  4. Book cover for Seeds of Wealth

    Seeds of Wealth

    Henry Hobhouse

  5. Book cover for The Beatles' Shadow

    The Beatles' Shadow

    Pauline Sutcliffe

  6. Book cover for Nobody Cared

    Nobody Cared

    Terrie O'Brian

  7. Book cover for Driving Home

    Driving Home

    Jonathan Raban

  8. Book cover for Spies and Commissars

    Spies and Commissars

    Robert Service

  9. Book cover for The Opium War

    The Opium War

    Julia Lovell

  10. Book cover for An Anthropologist on Mars

    An Anthropologist on Mars

    Oliver Sacks

  11. Book cover for How to Find Fulfilling Work

    How to Find Fulfilling Work

    Roman Krznaric

    Campus London LTD (The School of Life)

  12. Book cover for The Way I See It

    The Way I See It

    Alan Sugar

  13. Book cover for Armed Struggle

    Armed Struggle

    Richard English

  14. Book cover for Natural Solutions to PCOS

    Natural Solutions to PCOS

    Marilyn Glenville

  15. Book cover for At Last

    At Last

    Edward St Aubyn

  16. Book cover for Forgotten Land

    Forgotten Land

    Max Egremont

  17. Book cover for Never Mind

    Never Mind

    Edward St Aubyn

  18. Book cover for Bad News

    Bad News

    Edward St Aubyn

  19. Book cover for Some Hope

    Some Hope

    Edward St Aubyn

  20. Book cover for Mother's Milk

    Mother's Milk

    Edward St Aubyn

  21. Book cover for The Baby-Making Bible

    The Baby-Making Bible

    Emma Cannon

  22. Book cover for Foundation


    Peter Ackroyd

  23. Book cover for Outlaws Inc.

    Outlaws Inc.

    Matt Potter

  24. Book cover for Triumph of the City

    Triumph of the City

    Edward Glaeser

  25. Book cover for Hood Rat

    Hood Rat

    Gavin Knight

  26. Book cover for To End All Wars

    To End All Wars

    Adam Hochschild

  27. Book cover for The Warmth of the Heart Prevents Your Body from Rusting

    The Warmth of the Heart Prevents Your Body from Rusting

    Marie de Hennezel

  28. Book cover for Bury the Chains

    Bury the Chains

    Adam Hochschild

  29. Book cover for Pioneer Woman

    Pioneer Woman

    Ree Drummond

  30. Book cover for Titanic Thompson

    Titanic Thompson

    Kevin Cook

  31. Book cover for Maximum Willpower

    Maximum Willpower

    Kelly McGonigal

  32. Book cover for My Days

    My Days

    R K Narayan

  33. Book cover for On Ilkley Moor

    On Ilkley Moor

    Tim Binding

  34. Book cover for My Holy War

    My Holy War

    Jonathan Raban

  35. Book cover for Truth or Dare

    Truth or Dare

    Justine Picardie

  36. Book cover for Don't Ask Me What I Mean

    Don't Ask Me What I Mean

    Don Paterson

    Clare Brown

  37. Book cover for Midnight in the Garden of Evel Knievel

    Midnight in the Garden of Evel Knievel

    Giles Smith

  38. Book cover for The Men Who Stare At Goats

    The Men Who Stare At Goats

    Jon Ronson

  39. Book cover for Not the Last Goodbye

    Not the Last Goodbye

    David Servan-Schreiber

  40. Book cover for The Nightwatchman's Occurrence Book

    The Nightwatchman's Occurrence Book

    V. S. Naipaul

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