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  1. Book cover for Effective Leadership (NEW REVISED EDITION)

    Effective Leadership (NEW REVISED EDITION)

    John Adair

  2. Book cover for Effective Decision Making (REV ED)

    Effective Decision Making (REV ED)

    John Adair

  3. Book cover for 44 Years With The Same Bird

    44 Years With The Same Bird

    Brian Reade

  4. Book cover for The Balloon Factory

    The Balloon Factory

    Alexander Frater

  5. Book cover for The World Is What It Is

    The World Is What It Is

    Patrick French

  6. Book cover for The Circuit

    The Circuit

    Bob Shepherd

  7. Book cover for Faberge's Eggs

    Faberge's Eggs

    Toby Faber

  8. Book cover for Foreskin's Lament

    Foreskin's Lament

    Shalom Auslander

  9. Book cover for May Week Was In June

    May Week Was In June

    Clive James

  10. Book cover for Falling Towards England

    Falling Towards England

    Clive James

  11. Book cover for North Face of Soho

    North Face of Soho

    Clive James

  12. Book cover for Not Quite World's End

    Not Quite World's End

    John Simpson

  13. Book cover for News from No Man's Land

    News from No Man's Land

    John Simpson

  14. Book cover for Strange Places, Questionable People

    Strange Places, Questionable People

    John Simpson

  15. Book cover for A Mad World, My Masters

    A Mad World, My Masters

    John Simpson

  16. Book cover for Little People in the City

    Little People in the City


  17. Book cover for The Himmler Brothers

    The Himmler Brothers

    Katrin Himmler

  18. Book cover for Ronnie


    Ronnie Wood

  19. Book cover for W. Axl Rose

    W. Axl Rose

    Mick Wall

  20. Book cover for Comrades


    Robert Service

  21. Book cover for Historic London

    Historic London

    Stephen Inwood

  22. Book cover for Deliver Me From Evil

    Deliver Me From Evil

    Alloma Gilbert

  23. Book cover for Other People's Money

    Other People's Money

    Neil Forsyth

    Elliot Castro

  24. Book cover for Ska'd for Life

    Ska'd for Life

    Horace Panter

  25. Book cover for The Hustlers

    The Hustlers

    Douglas Thompson

  26. Book cover for Diana Ross

    Diana Ross

    J. Randy Taraborrelli

  27. Book cover for What I Do

    What I Do

    Jon Ronson

  28. Book cover for Irish Freedom

    Irish Freedom

    Richard English

  29. Book cover for When A Crocodile Eats the Sun

    When A Crocodile Eats the Sun

    Peter Godwin

  30. Book cover for A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

    A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

    Dave Eggers

  31. Book cover for Stand and Deliver

    Stand and Deliver

    Adam Ant

  32. Book cover for Europe at War 1939-1945

    Europe at War 1939-1945

    Norman Davies

  33. Book cover for An Unexpected Light

    An Unexpected Light

    Jason Elliot

  34. Book cover for Elizabeth


    J. Randy Taraborrelli

  35. Book cover for The Cradle of Thought

    The Cradle of Thought

    Peter Hobson

  36. Book cover for Last Waltz in Vienna

    Last Waltz in Vienna

    George Clare

  37. Book cover for Allotted Time

    Allotted Time

    Robin Shelton

  38. Book cover for Mukiwa


    Peter Godwin

  39. Book cover for Out of the Ordinary

    Out of the Ordinary

    Jon Ronson

  40. Book cover for The Real Life of Anthony Burgess

    The Real Life of Anthony Burgess

    Andrew Biswell

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