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  1. Book cover for The Forgotten War

    The Forgotten War

    David Fiddimore

  2. Book cover for Silent War

    Silent War

    David Fiddimore

  3. Book cover for Calling Me Home

    Calling Me Home

    Julie Kibler

  4. Book cover for The Orphan of Angel Street

    The Orphan of Angel Street

    Annie Murray

  5. Book cover for Poppy Day

    Poppy Day

    Annie Murray

  6. Book cover for A Hopscotch Summer

    A Hopscotch Summer

    Annie Murray

  7. Book cover for The Heretic's Daughter

    The Heretic's Daughter

    Kathleen Kent

  8. Book cover for Rendezvous With Danger

    Rendezvous With Danger

    Margaret Pemberton

  9. Book cover for The Mystery of Saligo Bay

    The Mystery of Saligo Bay

    Margaret Pemberton

  10. Book cover for Vengeance in the Sun

    Vengeance in the Sun

    Margaret Pemberton

  11. Book cover for The Guilty Secret

    The Guilty Secret

    Margaret Pemberton

  12. Book cover for Tapestry of Fear

    Tapestry of Fear

    Margaret Pemberton

  13. Book cover for Lion of Languedoc

    Lion of Languedoc

    Margaret Pemberton

  14. Book cover for Flight to Verechenko

    Flight to Verechenko

    Margaret Pemberton

  15. Book cover for Devil's Palace

    Devil's Palace

    Margaret Pemberton

  16. Book cover for African Enchantment

    African Enchantment

    Margaret Pemberton

  17. Book cover for Party in Peking

    Party in Peking

    Margaret Pemberton

  18. Book cover for Vengeance


    Benjamin Black

  19. Book cover for The Book of Dreams

    The Book of Dreams

    Tim Severin

  20. Book cover for The Stars Look Down

    The Stars Look Down

    A. J. Cronin

  21. Book cover for The Women of Lilac Street

    The Women of Lilac Street

    Annie Murray

  22. Book cover for Astray


    Emma Donoghue

  23. Book cover for The Fisher Lass

    The Fisher Lass

    Margaret Dickinson

  24. Book cover for The Clippie Girls

    The Clippie Girls

    Margaret Dickinson

  25. Book cover for The River Folk

    The River Folk

    Margaret Dickinson

  26. Book cover for The Tulip Girl

    The Tulip Girl

    Margaret Dickinson

  27. Book cover for When Nights Were Cold

    When Nights Were Cold

    Susanna Jones

  28. Book cover for Lionheart


    Sharon Penman

  29. Book cover for For The Sake of Her Family

    For The Sake of Her Family

    Diane Allen

  30. Book cover for The Personal History of Rachel DuPree

    The Personal History of Rachel DuPree

    Ann Weisgarber

  31. Book cover for Touching Distance

    Touching Distance

    Rebecca Abrams

  32. Book cover for Forever


    Margaret Pemberton

  33. Book cover for The Flower Garden

    The Flower Garden

    Margaret Pemberton

  34. Book cover for Silver Shadows, Golden Dreams

    Silver Shadows, Golden Dreams

    Margaret Pemberton

  35. Book cover for Never Leave Me

    Never Leave Me

    Margaret Pemberton

  36. Book cover for A Multitude of Sins

    A Multitude of Sins

    Margaret Pemberton

  37. Book cover for White Christmas In Saigon

    White Christmas In Saigon

    Margaret Pemberton

  38. Book cover for An Embarrassment of Riches

    An Embarrassment of Riches

    Margaret Pemberton

  39. Book cover for Zadruga


    Margaret Pemberton

  40. Book cover for Moonflower Madness

    Moonflower Madness

    Margaret Pemberton

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