Never Leave Me

Margaret Pemberton

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04 October 2012
418 pages


June 1944 in occupied France, and the embattled coast of Normandy anxiously awaits the Allied invasion.

Lisette de Valmy – just eighteen years old and an ardent member of the Resistance, she is torn between loyalty to the Cause and her love for one man.

Dieter Meyer – a German officer, handsome and courageous, he must fight for his country and for his future with Lisette.

Greg Dering – generous and warm-hearted, he liberates the de Valmy home but falls captive to the sad beauty of the girl who welcomes him to France.

And Luke Brandon – obsessed by Lisette from the start, he can never forget her and his all-consuming passion threatens to destroy them all . . .

From the devastation of war-torn France to the glamour and riches of San Francisco, Never Leave Me is a moving story of heartbreak and love and of the destructive legacy of war.

‘. . . takes off passionately, unstoppably . . . Turbulent stuff’ She