The Summer Queen

Margaret Pemberton

30 May 2019
512 pages


Delve into the grand courts of the 19th century in Margaret Pemberton's evocative historical novel, The Summer Queen.

Set within the expansive halls of Osborne House, Queen Victoria’s forty-year reign beckons familial ties from the farthest reaches of Europe, fostering old alliances and breeding potential new ones.

Witness the royal world through the eyes of May Teck. Though princess by birth, she yearns for a royal seal of approval that never comes. Friendships forged in these opulent surroundings seem her only solace, but how enduring will these bonds prove to be?

Explore the secretive heart of Alicky, hidden in the shadow of her siblings, until swept into a whirlwind romance with the heir to the Russian throne.

Across the waters, Willy, poised to be the future Kaiser of Germany, battles inner demons.

As shifting forces of power send warning ripples across Europe, an unavoidable war looms on the horizon . . .

Throughout The Summer Queen, the bestselling author of Beneath the Cypress Tree flawlessly knits together royal ambitions and personal passions against the onset of war, crafting an unforgettable story of remarkable change.

This engrossing saga follows Victoria's grandchildren, including Kaiser Wilhelm II, the tsarina of Russia and the future Queen Mary, over 40 turbulent years before their dreams end in war and revolution
Margaret Pemberton is one of the best saga writers around, writing gritty, gutsy tales
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