The Four of Us

Margaret Pemberton

04 October 2012
450 pages


Four very different girls from different worlds meet on their first day of school in 1962. Artemis is the daughter of a self-made man; Geraldine is from an upper-class family; Kiki’s father is a doctor and Primmie is a scholarship girl. They are inseparable, and when they leave school and move into a flat together it seems perfect. But it doesn’t take long for their illusions about each other to be shattered, and they go their separate ways.

Each of them has a reason for not wishing to rekindle their friendship, so, years later, when Primmie posts a message on Friends Reunited in the hope that her old friends will make contact, the results are surprising . . .

‘A charming light romance, suitable for popular reading collections’ Booklist

‘Margaret Pemberton is one of the best saga writers around’ The Bookseller