Vengeance in the Sun

Margaret Pemberton

23 May 2013
162 pages


A broken love affair takes Lucy Matthews to the Villa d’Este as governess to the six-year-old Danielle Van de Naude. But instead of a refuge Lucy finds she has entered a world of intrigue and fear. Why did Danielle’s previous governess die? Is someone trying to kill her too? Determined to find out, Lucy encounters death and murder as Danielle is kidnapped to thwart her father’s political ambitions, and only Lucy can save her life. But who can she trust to help her? Ian Lyall, who watches her so disturbingly? Steve Patterson who wishes to marry her? The suave Bradley Van de Naude, Danielle’s step-brother? Or Max Rampling, the man who has her heart but holds another woman in his arms? One of them is a ruthless killer, but who? And why? As Lucy faces death in an attempt to save Danielle, the façades finally drop and the truth is revealed.