White Christmas In Saigon

Margaret Pemberton

04 October 2012
674 pages


They were girls of the 60s – as unlike each other as it was possible to be. Abbra – the quiet, lovely, Californian college girl – reared to a life of good behaviour and doing the right thing. She was swept off her feet into a whirlwind marriage before she had time to grow up. She never really got to know her husband before he was shipped out to fight the Vietcong.

Serena was an English debutante, a spoilt brat who had everything. She married her equally irresponsible playboy husband because it seemed like fun. But the fun backfired and she found herself abandoned right after the wedding.

Gabrielle – half French, half Vietnamese, with a foot in both camps. She fell wildly in love with an Australian newsman on his way to Saigon. Alone and pregnant in Paris, she never stopped loving him.

As their worlds began to collapse around them, the three joined forces and, with a courage born of desperation, set out for Vietnam to find the men they loved – and to find themselves.