Lose yourself in a world of passionate and gripping romantic fiction, from Winston Graham’s Poldark novels to bestsellers from Danielle Steel, Kristin Hannah and Lucinda Riley.

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Our round-up of all 12 Poldark novels, in order.

Favourite summer romances in books.

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  1. Book cover for The Man Who Didn't Call
    The Man Who Didn't Call

    Rosie Walsh

  2. Book cover for The Morning Gift
    The Morning Gift

    Eva Ibbotson

  3. Book cover for A Song for Summer
    A Song for Summer

    Eva Ibbotson

  4. Book cover for The Secret Countess
    The Secret Countess

    Eva Ibbotson

  5. Book cover for For the Love of Liverpool
    For the Love of Liverpool

    Ruth Hamilton

  6. Book cover for The Spanish Promise
    The Spanish Promise

    Karen Swan

  7. Book cover for Come Rain or Shine
    Come Rain or Shine

    Pam Weaver

  8. Book cover for In His Father's Footsteps
    In His Father's Footsteps

    Danielle Steel

  9. Book cover for Much Ado About Nothing
    Much Ado About Nothing

    William Shakespeare

    John Gilbert

  10. Book cover for Far From the Madding Crowd
    Far From the Madding Crowd

    Thomas Hardy

    Helen Allingham

  11. Book cover for Something to Tell You
    Something to Tell You

    Lucy Diamond

  12. Book cover for The Summer Queen
    The Summer Queen

    Margaret Pemberton

  13. Book cover for Acts of Infidelity
    Acts of Infidelity

    Lena Andersson

  14. Book cover for The Paper Lovers
    The Paper Lovers

    Gerard Woodward

  15. Book cover for Between the Orange Groves
    Between the Orange Groves

    Nadia Marks

  16. Book cover for Lie Down With Lions
    Lie Down With Lions

    Ken Follett

  17. Book cover for The Age of Innocence
    The Age of Innocence

    Edith Wharton

  18. Book cover for The Mill on the Floss
    The Mill on the Floss

    George Eliot

  19. Book cover for Agnes Grey
    Agnes Grey

    Anne Brontë

  20. Book cover for The Teashop Girls
    The Teashop Girls

    Elaine Everest

  21. Book cover for Crudo

    Olivia Laing

  22. Book cover for The Clockmaker's Daughter
    The Clockmaker's Daughter

    Kate Morton

  23. Book cover for Little Big Love
    Little Big Love

    Katy Regan

  24. Book cover for The Moon Sister
    The Moon Sister

    Lucinda Riley

  25. Book cover for The Cast
    The Cast

    Danielle Steel

  26. Book cover for The Storm Sister
    The Storm Sister

    Lucinda Riley

  27. Book cover for The Shadow Sister
    The Shadow Sister

    Lucinda Riley

  28. Book cover for The Dream Daughter
    The Dream Daughter

    Diane Chamberlain

  29. Book cover for Fire Sermon
    Fire Sermon

    Jamie Quatro

  30. Book cover for The Dressmaker of Draper's Lane
    The Dressmaker of Draper's Lane

    Liz Trenow

  31. Book cover for The Brooklands Girls
    The Brooklands Girls

    Margaret Dickinson

  32. Book cover for The Charmed Life of Alex Moore
    The Charmed Life of Alex Moore

    Molly Flatt

  33. Book cover for Finding Hope at Hillside Farm
    Finding Hope at Hillside Farm

    Rachael Lucas

  34. Book cover for Sow the Seed
    Sow the Seed

    Margaret Dickinson

  35. Book cover for Love Letters of Great Men
    Love Letters of Great Men


    Ursula Doyle (Ed.)

  36. Book cover for The Great Alone
    The Great Alone

    Kristin Hannah

  37. Book cover for Dear Mrs Bird
    Dear Mrs Bird

    AJ Pearce

  38. Book cover for The Queen of Bloody Everything
    The Queen of Bloody Everything

    Joanna Nadin

  39. Book cover for This Is One Moment
    This Is One Moment

    Mila Gray

  40. Book cover for The Winter Secret
    The Winter Secret

    Lulu Taylor

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