A Hero for Leanda

Andrew Garve

15 March 2012
152 pages


Mike Conway, an ocean-going yachtsman down on his luck in a tropical port, welcomes the chance to repair his fortunes when he is approached to undertake a dangerous and illegal, but highly lucrative mission. For Victor Metaxas, who planned the enterprise, it is an expansive, millionaire’s gesture on behalf of his country. For the hero-worshipping Leanda, who helped him, it is a passionate crusade. This proves to be the biggest obstacle that Conway, a self-styled “mercenary,” has to contend with. When the yacht Thalia slips out of Mombasa Harbour at the start of the adventure, the prospects seem reasonably good—but there are complications, villainous and romantic, ahead—and the trickiest part of the whole project turns out to be the journey back.

Andrew Garve has once more set a gripping and original story against an unusual background. A Hero for Leanda triumphantly achieves the high standards of realism and suspense which this author always sets himself.