The Sea Monks

Andrew Garve

15 March 2012
156 pages


When events don’t go to plan, who knows where you will end up?

Four teenagers, all eager to impress each other, embark on a seemingly straight forward robbery. But when events don’t go to plan the four youths find themselves on the run from the police. Each of them are keen to avoid the authorities whilst also saving face amongst each other, and so things go from bad to worse as the night progresses.

‘King’ Macey emerges as the natural leader and takes charge of the situation. Welding his gun in hand, he feels invincible, but the other three teenagers start to have reservations about King Macey’s judgements. When they take the nearby lighthouse as their fortress, Macey truly feels King of the castle.

In the confines of the small lighthouse, the four teenagers are pitted together against the three gentle lighthouse keepers and the fierceness of the elements surrounding them.

As King Macey asserts his authority and the number of dead bodies increases, the inhabitants of the lighthouse have to decide exactly what matters most to them . . .

‘Splendidly taut story’ Times Literary Supplement

‘He is a past master at this sort of suspense story’ Sunday Times