Home to Roost

Andrew Garve

15 March 2012
152 pages


It is one thing to commit a murder, another to confess to it, as mystery writer Walter Haines finds out. When popular TV actor Max Ryland is stabbed to death in his cottage, Walter is safely in Portugal. His wife had run off with Max so Walter has every reason to be bitter and vengeful, but enough to commit murder?

Then Walter, for his own reasons, chooses to confess to the crime. The police insist that he re-enact the murder exactly as he alleged he committed it and they lie in wait to time him and trap him at every turn. Can Walter convince the police of his guilt by breaking a perfect alibi? And which is genuine, the alibi—or the confession?

‘I was thrilled to read this book. Garve is a master; every word made you want to read the next. A superb work of art. A great book.’ Dick Francis

‘A distinctly original variation on the whodunit.’ Maurice Richardson, Observer

‘A beautifully conceived and executed story.’ Birmingham Post