The File on Lester

Andrew Garve

15 March 2012
176 pages


‘I think there must be some mistake.’

James Lester is a rising star in the political world and all signs point to his becoming the next Prime Minister, but the appearance of a mystery girl, claiming to have a history with the MP, threatens a scandal capable of wrecking his campaign.

Lester denies the association, but each new revelation by the girl is more damning and dramatic than the last. As the scandal grows, a small number of journalists take up his cause and resolve to properly investigate the case. Who is Shirley Holt? And how does she know so many details about an event that Lester claims never to have taken place?

Told through media reports and diary entries, Andrew Garve delivers another ingenious thriller.

‘Garve at his most irresistibly cunning’ New York Times

‘In all the excellently varied books Garve has given us he surely cannot have found a better plot’ The Times