The Megstone Plot

Andrew Garve

01 March 2012
144 pages


The disappearance of Commander Clive Easton, a naval hero with access to his Government’s secrets, makes him look like a traitor. Just what he wants.

Easton is actually hiding on Megstone, a barren rock in the ocean. He thinks he's just hiding for a fortnight but when rescue doesn't come, suspects he might be marooned there.

What started as an affair with his friend's sultry and avaricious wife, Isobel, and a money-making plot that would net him and his lover a fortune, looks like it might cost him his life.

This is the story of a fraud to catch a fortune, from the master of plot, Andrew Garve. First published in 1956, this is classic crime fiction from a master of the genre and a founding member of the Crime Writers' Association. Reading classic crime, brought back into ebook by Bello, is like watching a classic film: if you enjoy watching The Third Man or North by Northwest, you'll love this book.