Poems to Fall in Love With

Chris Riddell

Ages 12+
03 October 2019
208 pages


In Poems to Fall in Love With Chris Riddell has selected and illustrated his very favourite classic and modern poems about love, brought together in a beautiful hardback book.

This gorgeously illustrated collection celebrates love in all its guises, from silent admiration through passion to tearful resignation. These poems speak of the universal experiences of the heart and are brought to life with Chris's exquisite, intricate artwork.

This perfect gift features famous poems, old and new, and a few surprises. Classic verses sit alongside the modern to create the ultimate collection. Includes poems from Neil Gaiman, Nikita Gill, Carol Ann Duffy, E. E. Cummings, Shakespeare, Leonard Cohen, Derek Walcott, Hollie McNish, Kae Tempest, John Betjeman and Roger McGough and many more.

Enjoy more poetry with Chris's Poems to Live Your Life By, one of the Bookseller's best poetry books of the last twenty-five years.

Riddell's drawings seem blown speedily across the pages as if by a spring breeze. But the pleasure and surprise is that the poems themselves are not light as candyfloss. This is a stupendously well-chosen, feelgood anthology in which even feel-bad poems feel good. This little book is a must-have, with poems that will make you feel more alive.
This beautifully designed anthology about love in many forms is a delight from cover to elegant purple bookmark. A wonderful gift for a literate teenager, it will also be enjoyed by many others unsure how to approach poetry. Riddell offers a stylish pick ’n’ mix for all tastes and his graceful illustrations enhance this volume, sometimes stretching a single poem out over three or four pages.
Former Children’s Laureate Chris Riddell is best known as an illustrator and the author of books like the Goth Girl and Ottoline series. But he’s also a life-long lover of poetry and in this beautiful volume, complete with a dashing purple cover and Riddell’s stunning artwork, he shows how poetry gives meaning to all our lives, from childhood through to old age. This collection is aimed at younger readers but people of all ages will appreciate the beauty of poems like Shelley’s “The Indian Serenade”, Byron’s “She Walks in Beauty” and “La Belle Dame Sans Merci” by Keats, as well as contemporary works by Neil Gaiman, Carol Ann Duffy, Kate Tempest and more.