Chris Riddell

Ages 1 to 6
03 September 2010
48 pages


From the award-winning 2015–2017 Children's Laureate Chris Riddell, Alienography: Or, How to Spot an Alien Invasion and What to Do About It is a hilarious, illustrated guide to revolting aliens and impossible spaceships.

Do you know the difference between a Nostromian Weevil and a Zyglon Tentacle Beast? Could you resist an invasion of Purple Peekons? And can you outwit a Fantabbydosian? No? You need this book!

Magnificently illustrated and with novelty elements – including five pull-out postcards, a mini ""Who's What and From Where"" booklet and a ""Bottom Trumps"" card game – this is author and Illustrator Chris Riddell at his very best.

One of the smartest children's authors around