#3 in series

Bloody Roses

Book 3 in the series

3.52 based on 17 ratings & 0 reviews on Goodreads.com

Publication date: 15.11.2012
ISBN: 9781447238539
Number of pages: 0


Willow is sure Richard Crescent couldn’t commit murder. The police, finding him drenched in his colleague’s blood in the locked Corporate Finance department, are sure he did.

Rushing back from a Tuscan idyll with Chief Inspector Tom Worth to help her friend, Willow uses all her romantic novelist’s imagination, her own experience as a high-powered woman in a man’s world, and her understanding of an uneasy double life, to put herself in the other woman’s shoes and learn why Sarah Allfarthing had to die.

And as well as the high-tension world of merchant banking, conflict with Tom, and personal danger, Willow has to face the terrible possibility that the police could be right . . .

‘This sparkling whodunnit effectively blends mystery, sophistication and a dash of romantic melodrama’ Publishers Weekly

‘Well plotted – and immense fun to read’ The Times (Poison Flowers)