How to commit the perfect murder: Mari Hannah

With her latest novel The Silent Room out soon, we brought in Mari Hannah for questioning... on her perfect murder.

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With her latest novel The Silent Room out soon, we brought in Mari Hannah for questioning... on her perfect murder.

How you would commit the perfect murder?

Don't you mean, how did I? I'm home now in The Silent Room, feet up, patting myself on the back.

Can you tell us about the scene?

I've been watching my victim for months. You'd be amazed what a creature of habit he was: he drank in the same pubs; called at the same chippy; jumped on the last metro every night; took the cut through the woods. Handed it to me on a plate really. Job done.

What was your weapon of choice?

A rifle. One clean shot. No witnesses. I wanted to kill him, not touch him. I dropped him from a distance to avoid getting close. There's no physical evidence linking me to him.

And your getaway vehicle?

Nondescript. False plates. I drove like I was taking my granny for lunch, slow and smooth, so as not to draw attention. The car had no identifiable features. It was low-tech, no electronic aids, trackers or satnav - and I didn't carry a mobile phone. I was never there.

What was your motive?

The only one that would drive me to kill: revenge. My victim was an animal. He deserved what was coming. Shame he didn't see it coming. Did I mention the disguise? I was wearing the cloak of old age. My granny is always banging on about being invisible. You should try it – it works.

Did you use an accomplice?

What do you take me for? I wanted to get away with murder, not serve life because some idiot lost their bottle under interrogation. Involving a third party is risky. There's only one person in this world I trust to keep their mouth shut – me. Besides, who would I tell? Why would I? I've murdered someone. I'm not proud of it.

Did you leave a calling card?

No. It's a strategy fraught with danger, one to be avoided at all costs. I'm forensically aware. You leave clues, you get caught. If you don't mind me saying so, you look pale. You really shouldn't ask questions if you might not like the answers. I'm done with this interview. I just want to finish this G&T and forget it ever happened. Problem is, there's just one thing left to do...

Mari Hannah's new novel, The Silent Room, is out now. Follow Mari on Twitter @mariwriter

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