How to commit the perfect murder: Mary Paulson-Ellis

09 March 2016

By Pan Macmillan

Mary Paulson-Ellis' debut novel, The Other Mrs Walker mysterious and entrancing story. But we wanted to find how Mary would commit her perfect murder...

What is weapon of choice?
A glass of whisky (a not inexpensive brand). Alternatively, the seeds of the laburnum tree. Or perhaps both – one to make the other go down.

What is your motive?
Do I need one? All families are murderous one way or another, particularly sisters. Mothers and daughters too. That’s all I’ll say.

Where is the scene of the crime?
In a small square room, in a small square flat. In a small square box, perhaps… Or at the bottom of a garden, hidden beneath the branches of that laburnum tree.

What is your getaway vehicle?
A coffin or a tunnel in the grass.

Who is your accomplice?
There are no accomplices. Or rather, not that they know about. I do have a solicitor though. His name’s Mr Nye Senior.

Do you have a calling card?
Many. An emerald dress. A photograph. A Brazil nut with the Ten Commandments etched in its shell. Also six orange pips sucked to within an inch of their lives. But you’ll have to work out which is the most significant i.e. the one that will lead to me.

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