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Author Karen Swan has written the ultimate guide to a 'Summer at Tiffany's' wedding, meet the three ladies at the heart of the novel via their personal wedding plans...

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Author Karen Swan has written the ultimate guide to a 'Summer at Tiffany's' wedding, meet the three ladies at the heart of the novel via their personal wedding plans...

Suzy's Tiffany's wedding: motto: ‘go classic. You'll thank me fifteen years from now.'

  • Colour scheme: ivory and powder pastels - blue, pink, pistachio, primrose, dove.Flowers: clotted cream roses for the bride. Flower arrangements for the marquee should be suspended above the tables, rather than placed upon them.
  • Dress: no bride can go wrong in vera wang. Mousseline ruffles for slender brides; fishtails, corsetry and chiffon sleeves for curvy brides. For extroverted brides, a contrast velvet ribbon at the waist.
  • Tableware: powder blue Thomas Goode bone china.
  • Invitations: blind embossed and tissue-lined. Sent at least eight weeks in advance.
  • Marquee: double-topped with windows and pleated-silk inner lining. The poles are hidden by ribbons which should colour-match the napkins or bridesmaids.
  • Favours: champagne truffles or strawberry bonbons.
  • Wedding breakfast: beef or lobster. Buttermilk bavarois for pudding. Circular tables fanned around top table.
  • Music: harp for the bride's entrance into church, string quartet at the reception, jazz band after dinner.
  • Tiffany trinket: Elsa Perretti crystal bone candlesticks on the tables

Cassie's Tiffanys wedding: motto: ‘relax and savour every moment.'

  • Flowers: the bride should carry long-stemmed maiden's blush roses; exuberant proliferations of meadow wildflowers in the church and crammed into jam jars in the marquee.
  • A vintage wedding dress in silk tulle with a long veil. Open to the idea of pastel-tinted bridal dresses in silk chiffon with delicate ballerina wraps.
  • Tableware: eclectic mix of mismatched antique china.
  • invitations written by hand and sealed with petals, giving a month's notice.
  • marquee: canvas bell tents clustered in a wide circle around a fire pit.
  • favours: big boxes of maltesers.
  • wedding breakfast: hampers of carpaccio and terrines, taken on welsh wool blankets and thrown randomly on the grass.
  • music: organ for the bride's entrance; a friend playing the piano during the reception; henry's playlist on spotify after dinner.
  • Tiffany trinket: solitaire engagement ring.e-pink, sand, duck egg, celadon.

Gem's view: motto: ‘dance barefoot and trash the dress. it's the best party of your life.'

  • Colour scheme: pure white with bold highlights of colour: turquoise, teal, cobalt, dawn peach or sunset orange.
  • Flowers: a daisy chain circlet in place of a tiara; daffodils in the church. Poppies and forget-me-nots still growing in the long grasses in the fields for the reception.
  • Invitations: a photograph of the bride and groom jumping into the sea, shared on instagram the week before.
  • Tableware: paper plates and patterned paper napkins. Ketchup in ramekins.ty, get friends to bring their festival two-man pop ups.
  • Favours: rizlas on the table.and an ice cream van.
  • Music: cat stevens cd for the bride's entrance; the sound of the waves crashing on the shore is all they need for the reception. Trance DJ after dinner.
  • Tiffany trinket: Elsa Perreti open heart necklace worn long on coloured silk cord.

Summer at Tiffany's

by Karen Swan

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