Fake Law: Are these facts about British law true or false?

The Secret Barrister’s Fake Law spills the truth about justice in an age of lies. But are these statements about British law fact or fiction? 

Was there an illegal immigrant who couldn’t be deported because he had a pet cat? Are defence lawyers really making a fortune from legal aid? And is it really illegal to handle a salmon in suspicious circumstances?  

The Secret Barrister is an anonymous junior barrister specialising in criminal law, and the author of the bestselling The Secret Barrister, an eye-opening account of Britain’s broken legal system. Now the Secret Barrister is back with Fake Law. Revealing the stupidity, malice and incompetence behind many of the biggest legal stories to hit the headlines, the Secret Barrister debunks the lies in this vital but entertaining defence of our law, our rights and our democracy. But can you tell fact from fiction when it comes to British law? Take our quiz and find out.