Carissa Broadbent's Crowns of Nyaxia series: a guide

Lose yourself in TikTok sensation Carissa Broadbent's romantasy series, starting with The Serpent and the Wings of Night.

Dark magic. Intrigue. Romance and death. Enter a heart-wrenching epic fantasy world, populated by humans and vampires, in Carissa Broadbent's Crowns of Nyaxia series.

How many books are in the Crowns of Nyaxia series?

There will be six main novels in the Crowns of Nyaxia series, split into three duologies, plus two standalone books. The first two novels focus on the House of Night (The Nightborn Duet), and these are followed by the Shadowborn Duet and the Bloodborn Duet. The first standalone, Six Scorched Roses, a novella, is out in September 2024.

Carissa Broadbent's Crowns of Nyaxia series books in order

The Nightborn Duet

The Serpent and the Wings of Night

by Carissa Broadbent

In book one of the series we learn an essential lesson: human or vampire, the rules of survival are the same – never trust, never yield, and always, always, guard your heart. The adopted human daughter of the Nightborn vampire king, Oraya carved her place in a world designed to kill her. Her only chance to become something more than prey is entering the Kejari: a legendary tournament held by the goddess of death herself. But winning won’t be easy against the most vicious warriors from all three vampire houses. To survive, Oraya is forced to make an alliance with a mysterious rival.

The Ashes and the Star-Cursed King

by Carissa Broadbent

In the wake of the bloody tournament known as the Kejari, book two finds Oraya now a prisoner in her own kingdom and grieving. She’s left with only one certainty: she cannot trust anyone. The House of Night, too, is surrounded by enemies. The House of Blood has dug their claws into the kingdom, threatening to tear it apart from the inside. With enemies closing in on all sides, Oraya finds herself forced to choose between the bloody reality of seizing power – and the devastating love that could be her downfall.

Standalone novella

Six Scorched Roses

by Carissa Broadbent

This Beauty and the Beast-inspired romantasy is a standalone novella set in the same world as the Crowns of Nyaxia duologies. Lilith is desperate to find a cure for the mysterious illness that is ravaging her town. So desperate, in fact, that she makes a deal with the undead. Six roses for six vials of vampire blood. But nothing is ever simple when it comes to vampires. . .

The Shadowborn Duet

The Songbird and the Heart of Stone

by Carissa Broadbent

Book three of the series introduces new character Mische. Forcibly turned into a vampire, losing her family and her home as a result, Mische is now sentenced to death for murdering the vampire prince who turned her. Rescued by Asar, the bastard prince of the House of Shadow, she is forced into a new quest to resurrect the god of death. If she betrays the mission, and Asar, she may just win back the love of the sun god, which she lost when she was turned. But sometimes, she finds, the darkness is more alluring than the light. 

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