Occasionally we have time to take on work-experience and we try to make this valuable to those who volunteer their time. 

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Occasionally we have time to take on work-experience and we try to make this valuable to those who volunteer their time. In the hope of providing some insight to others wanting to get into publishing, we thought we'd put a spotlight on Dionne below, and ask her how she has found he two weeks here and what she is taking away from it. For more information on what it's like to work in publishing, scroll down to our Tor Tour at the bottom of the post.

Why did you want to undertake work-experience with Pan Macmillan?

I have just graduated with a BA in Creative Writing from Roehampton University and I was keen to use that as a spring board to pursue a career in publishing. So when the opportunity to gain some work experience with Pan Macmillan came up, I jumped at it feeling that it could be the first significant step in my publishing career.

What experience, if any, did you have prior to coming here?

Other than my degree, I completed an internship last summer (2012) with The Marsh Literary Agency, where I worked mainly with the Translation Rights Department, and this gave me a huge insight into how a book is handled in foreign territories. Fortunately, I was also able to gain some experience in the English language department where I read unsolicited manuscripts and gave feedback to the Agent I was working under. Working with The Marsh Agency not only helped me get more work experience elsewhere, but it also gave me a certain amount of confidence when I started here at Pan Macmillan.

Are there any areas of publishing that particularly interest you?

I’m very keen to work in editorial, which I know is an extremely difficult area to get into, but I think I’d also like to gain a little more experience with the marketing and publicity side of things.

What have you learned, and what have you enjoyed doing whilst here?

I've been able to see the differences between how the inner workings of a literary agency differ from a publishing house, especially working so closely with Louise in Editorial, which has only fuelled my excitement about working in Editorial! Reading manuscripts has been wonderful, because it makes you feel like you’ll have some involvement in what might end up on the shelves in the future.

Has the experience met your expectations?

This experience has exceeded my expectations. Everyone has been so friendly and open, and that goes a long way when you’re trying to learn and soak in as much information as possible. I was also pleasantly surprised with how closely some of the different departments work together, and now having been here I can see why.

What’s next?

Some more work experience and then (hopefully) a position somewhere with a publishing company!


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