The Challenge

Danielle Steel

18 August 2022
336 pages


You only discover what you can survive when you’re put to the test. . . The Challenge is the story of a tragedy with life-affirming consequences, from No.1 New York Times bestselling author Danielle Steel.

A small community is tested when their children go missing whilst climbing Granite Peak, forcing them to work together during the crisis.

Successful financier Tom Marshall is suffering a mid-life crisis and longs to escape the rat race of New York and a loveless marriage. Leaving his wife and fifteen-year-old daughter, Juliet, he moves to the small ranching town of Fishtail, Montana, and is quickly embraced by the local community. The neighbouring families all have their problems but they support each other in times of crisis.

When Juliet visits Tom for vacation she swiftly falls in love with the way of life, the people, the countryside and the neighbouring rancher’s son. The decision is made for her to finish her education in Fishtail.

One fateful day, Juliet and the neighbourhood teenagers go on a trek into the mountains on horseback. A harmless day of anticipated fun turns into a nightmare that neither they nor their families will ever forget. The aftermath causes them all – adults and children alike – to re-evaluate their lives, for better or worse.