Roberto Saviano

Translated by Virginia Jewiss
07 March 2019
336 pages


Step into the nightmarish world of Naples' underworld with Gomorrah, a groundbreaking exposé by Roberto Saviano. Saviano, seeking the truth behind organized crime in the city, bravely brings to light the monstrous actvities and far-reaching influence of the notorious Camorra – locally known as ‘the System’.

Unveiling the Camorra's involvement in high fashion to illegal drugs and even toxic waste disposal, Gomorrah unflinchingly explores the syndicate's iron grip on the Neapolitan coast, stretching beyond traditional depictions of Italian life.

The book oscillates between exhilarating investigative journalism and a poignant memoir, painting both a factual and emotional picture of life in the shadow of organized crime. Saviano's courageous work has earned him global acclaim . . . and police protection.

This is not just a story; it's a dramatic reveal of a dark criminal reality – which will shatter your understanding of Naples' hidden underbelly.

With an introduction by journalist and author of McMafia, Misha Glenny.

Powerful and poetic
After reading Gomorrah, it becomes impossible to see Italy, and the global market, in the same way again